NRW gearbox
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NRW gearboxes with cast iron housing, custom input shaft and worm pairare used as part of the lifting mechanism of a high-mast support, as well as in other industrial devices - conveyors, drives, agitators, pumps, metalworking machines, etc. The design combines simplicity, reliability and ease of use.
  • cast iron housing
  • mysterious omnipresent shaft
  • adding: worm pair

Technical specifications

Model Standart Size Price
NRW-110-XX-E-SS1 Standart Size 110 Price 97 000,00
NRW-130-XX-E-SS1 Standart Size 130 Price 103 277,52
NRW-150-XX-E-SS1 Standart Size 150 Price 112 517,76

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