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The lamp is designed to illuminate large open spaces, interchanges of highways, road tunnels. Thanks to specially designed optics, it evenly illuminates the roadbed and does not blind drivers.

The spotlight consists of a metal housing, which is a supporting frame on which the LED modules are mounted. The housing is resistant to the aggressive environment inside the tunnel. Rotation angles from -90° to +90° in the vertical plane are acceptable (the tilt of the entire spotlight)

The light output is not less than 130 Lm / W. Color temperature 2700, 3000, 4000, 5000 K. The color rendering index is >70/>80. Light flux pulsation less than 1%


NVS-11-50x90-200-1-2700-80 (PSU, ICL) - 91 600,00 ₽ (in stock)

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Technical specifications

Model Rated power (W) Angle (°) Color temperature (K) Luminous flux (Lm) Dimensions
NVS-11-50x90-200-1-2700-80 (PSU, ICL) Rated power (W) 200 Angle (°) 50x90⁰ Color temperature (K) 2700 Luminous flux (Lm) 26000 Dimensions 382х342,5х242

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