Boulevard Ring






The goal of the modernisation of the lighting systems of the lanes of the boulevard ring was to bring light in accordance with the state standards 33176, 58107.1-2018, 55706-2013, 50597-2017, ODM 218.8.007-2016 and SP 52.13330.2016; the economy of electrical energy; reducing spending on the servicing of lamps and the use of lamps. A supply of energy efficient LED lamps produced locally was needed to realise the Rosecosvet project

The replacement of old MGL lamps for energy efficient LED equipment enabled electrical energy savings of 70%, and operating cost savings of up to 30% thanks to the reliability and long life of the lamp, as well as the absence of harmful matter. New lamps with comforting, warm light provide a consistent beam without strips or dark patches, and illuminate the embankment and pavement. .

Фото проекта Фото проекта Фото проекта

The warm light of the fluorescence meets the standards required for Moscow streets.