Ministry of Agriculture




NVX13, NVS05



The building at Pushkin Street 106 is an architectural monument of regional significance. It's a historical building known by the name 'Council of People's Commissars of the Bashkiria Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic'. These days the building is used as the Ministry of Agriculture. The aims of the project of architectural and artistic lighting are to emphasize the building style, integrate the building into the light ensemble of the square, and increase the building's attractiveness without causing harm to a historical monument.

The five floor, brick building was built in 1937 in a constructivist style. Within the framework of the project energy efficient light LED lights produced by Rusecosvet are used for the architectural and artistic lighting of the facades. 172 linear NVX13 architectural lights with elliptical optics and 86 NVS05 floodlights with deep and concentrated optics are mounted on the facades. A warm white (3000K) was chosen for the lighting. The equipment cases are painted in the same colour pattern as the building. The lighting underscores the strict understated style of the building.

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