Modernization of lighting at Transmashholding plants




The modernisation of the lighting system was carried out in nine factories in 2019-2021, including in Transmashholding JSC:.

  • Novocherkassky electric locomotive (PK Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant Ltd)
  • Kolomensky JSC Kolomensky factory
  • Bryansk machine-building 'UK BMZ' JSC
  • Demikhovskom machine-building (DMZ JSC)
  • Tver carriage building (TVZ JSC)
  • Central welding machines (TVZ JSC, production area CSM)
  • Torzhok carriage building (TVZ JSC, production platform Torzhok town)
  • Bryansk Steel (Bryansk Steel PO JSC)

The project goals:

  • Provide standard lighting in the workshops
  • Reduce the amount spent on electrical energy, changing lights and maintenance work/li>
  • End the use of lamps
  • Give the customer a flexible range of lighting options, as well as collect and analyse data on the functioning of lighting systems.
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When lighting systems were modernised, metal-halide lamps, which required regular maintenance and were expensive to use, were replaced by energy efficient LED lights. Over the entire operating period (not less than ten years), the installed devices didn't require a change of oscillator, and even at the conclusion of this period there were no toxic waste materials

Over 20 thousand LED lights are installed across our enterprises. They have optimal light distribution and light output, and meets optimal world standards. This allows for lower electrical energy costs both for internal and external lighting. Despite the fact that during modernisation the quality of external lamps increased noticeably, thus ensuring an even illumination of the territory of 300 light at floor level, total energy consumption was reduced.

Lighting control systems have been installed at Kolomna and Tver carriage building, Novocherskassy electric locomotive and Bryansk machine building factories and the Central Welding plant. At the base of the control system is a 3D model - a digital copy of the enterprise. The interface enables one to carry out remote management of any device or any group of devices in each site. The system automatically confirms a given level of lighting taking into account natural light, on the basis of readings on measuring sensors. It is also possible to work to a preset timetable, depending on the astronomical times and the presence of people in the space. The system analytics module collects and manifests the data according to the condition and power consumption of the equipment. The application of the control system allows for additonal savings of up to 60%.

As a result of modernising the lighting systems:

  • Expenditure on electrical energy has decreased by 70-89%
  • Standard lighting has been achieved in the workshops

In the buildings, equipped with a control system, the customer has the chance to flexibly tune the lighting parameters according to their wishes including at a level higher than the norm.

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