System modernisation of the external lighting within the framework of a concessionary contract





The Rosecosvet planners were faced with the task of lowering expenditure on electric energy, using only street lighting, while at the same time provide regular lighting of the embankment according to GOST 33176, GOST R 58107-2018, GOST R 55706-2013, GOST R 50597-2017, ODM 218.8.007-2016 and SP 52.13330.2016. Within the framework of the embankment project, 446 LED lighting lamps of NVR-02 power from 64-120 Vt were installed on Sovietsky Street, Pushkin Street and Kommuarov Street in Izhevsk town. The overall length of the streets where lamps were changed was 6 kms.

Luminaires have a control panel with a dimming function. Despite the warm colour (2700 K), the colour effectiveness of the lamps consists of 125 lm/vt. The savings on electrical energy consumption amount to 853 thousand 479 roubles a year.

Lamps allow for maintenance on a pole, which provides additional savings on the servicing of equipment.

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