The building on Red Army avenue, Sergiev Posad


Administration of the Sergiev Posad urban settlement


Moscow region, Sergiev Posad


NVS05, NVX07



The project aims of architectural and artistic lighting for the houses at 131 and 142 Red Army avenue - underscore the original architecture and building style, which make the buildings more attractive for tourists and visitors, while not harming the historical monuments.

The lighting of the building was carried out while taking into consideration the architectural context, the integrated architecture and the street conception of the town. A combination of saturation and accented lighting was used. The lighting favourably underscores the intense architectural elements, while not drawing attention to elements of the decor which visually impair and cheapen the building. With the help of flood lighting a background was created on the backdrop of the building where accented lighting emphasizes the architectural details.

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Flood lighting was also applied for lighting up the crowning elements of the buildings. Accent lighting actively reveals the tectonics and plastic of the facades, picking out and harmonising their architectural characteristics. The borders are revealed by light, pilasters, pediments, hipped roofs and towers, window decor and finishing touches.

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Home produced LED lamps with a neutral white ray colour (colour temperature 3000 k) with scattered angles 10x50, and 60 vt power were used. For the colonnade and pilaster lighting floodlights with a neutral white beam colour (colour temperature 3000k) with scattered angles 10 and 90 degrees, with a 20 vt, 40 vt and 80 vt powere were used

The architectural lighting management system of the house provides:

  • architectural lighting management regimes
  • choice of architectural lighting work regime
  • control of the position of the power board doors
  • control of the condition of the apparatuses and electrical parameters
  • automatic control and calculation of the use of electric energy
  • the chance to transfer information and perception of management commands from KASUAO on the GSM channel
  • Sychronisation of times for statistical lighting of devices using GLONASS/GPS systems

Static lighting devices manage and control with the help of a BRIZ-TM central module.

The colour of the equipment was chosen taking into account the colour passport of the facades, thanks to which the equipment is almost unnoticeable in daytime.

All stated project aims were fulfilled. The lighting project for the buildings on Red Army highway in Sergiev Posad, within the limits of the historical building of the town, earned the title of Laureate of Eurasian technical lighting prize 'Golden Photon' in the nomination 'Project of the year. Architectural lighting'.

Фото проекта Фото проекта

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