Shopping malls


Klin, Moscow region.


NVX13, NVS05



Trade stalls - one of the best-known sights and the pride of Klin. The building was built in a pseudo-Russian style at the end of the 19th century based on a project by architect S.K.Rodionova and is used according to its original purpose. .


The aim of the artistic lighting - emphasize the original architecture of the building, increase the attractiveness of the building, while not harming a historical monument.

The lighting has drawn attention to the elegant architecture of the building - pediments in the form of a woman's headdress and little tower, expressive towers and crowning weather vanes. The centre of the light composition - a mosaic icon of Nikolai Ugodnika in a niche of the central arch. .

The bright, impressive light form gave the Trade stalls a likeness to fairytale palaces. The complex of buildings is visible from afar, and the architectural lighting increases its attractiveness for visitors to the shops and cafes.

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