Digital modules 'Cityport' on the territory of the IC 'Skolkovo'


IC 'Skolkovo'



2 urban digital modules "CITYPORT" with a height of 4 m are installed on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

The digital modules are equipped with controlled "smart" lamps and decorative lighting with a warm and eye-friendly glow color. The lights turn on and off automatically according to a preset schedule. The control can also be carried out remotely.

Each module is equipped with a full-color 800x600 mm video monitor with wireless remote control. The energy-saving screen with protective tempered glass has a brightness of up to 6000 cd (automatically adjustable) and high definition. The monitor can be used as an advertising or informational medium, combining messages with animation and images.

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Chargers for electric scooters, gyroscuters and monowheels are also integrated into the CITYPORT modules. One of the modules is equipped with a weather station for measuring the main metrological parameters - wind speed and direction, temperature and precipitation. The weather station is adapted for long-term, uninterrupted operation in any climatic conditions, including rain and snowfall, at temperatures from -40 to +70 ° C, does not require maintenance and calibration. Every minute the station automatically sends the results of all measurements to the server. The second module is equipped with a compact HD camera and a public Internet access point.

Additionally, CITYPORTS can be equipped with a light sensor, an alarm button for operational communication with city services, an ecomonitoring station for measuring the concentration of toxic gases and fine dust, an information terminal or a charger for electric vehicles.

In the development of urban digital modules "CITYPORT" used their own original solutions of engineers "Phoenix Contact Rus" and "Rosekosvet", as well as best practices in the field of ergonomics and urbanism.

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