City Duma building


Serpukhov, Moscow region

The brick building of the city duma - a cultural heritage building of state importance, an architectural monument of the second half of the 19th century.

The aims of the architectural and artistic lighting - emphasize the key architectural elements of the building, incorporate the site into the light ensemble of the centre of Serpukhov and make the building a tourist attraction, without causing any harm to a historical monument.

This great building with rich decorative facades was founded in 1879 with the funds of a well known philanthropist called Ivan Firsanova.

Фото проекта Фото проекта

In accordance with the conception of the architectural and artistic lighting of Moscow Region and the particularities of the building's location, the project foresees lighting of the main facade, using static lighting devices.

In order to preserve the visual appearance of the building in daytime, only compact architectural lamps were used. The buildings were painted according to the colour passports of the facades, and in daytime the lamps are almost unnoticeable. Fasteners for the assembly of the devices were prepared from stainless steel - this avoids corrosion of the metal, which could negatively impact the facade.

Фото проекта

The most clearly displayed are the lower tier and upper frieze. Floodlights with narrow optics are placed in the inner window gaps in the lower tier. Devices with a power of 10 vt were chosen - that's how beautiful accent lighting was achieved on the lower tier while at the same time avoiding too much lighting.

Linear lamps with 10x65 elliptical optics were installed under the window on the second and third tier.

In the same way, lamps were installed under the ledge of the upper frieze. In order to give the house tracery and underscore the original shape of the roofs, dormer windows are accentuated by floodlights with middle beam secondary optics.

Фото проекта Фото проекта

The chosen colour scheme by Rusecosvet specialists immediately grabbed the attention of citizens. The nocturnal look of the Duma building gained an openwork, light and instantly recognisable aspect.

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